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Bradford "Deceptaconz" Smith is an American music producer, songwriter, engineer, and DJ from Fort Wayne, Indiana. He’s the founder of Deceptaconz Productions LLC. He has been traveling across the US working out of Las Vegas and Fort Wayne, IND as a full-time independent music producer and DJ thats making some notice with a hard electronic trap sound. Deceptaconz live performance with his percussionists HDM (Human Drum Machine) definitely has been turning heads all over the universe.  Deceptaconz has received several television, commercials, and independent movie placements also. 

He has produced hits with a wide variety of Hip-Hop, Pop, EDM, Trap, R&B, Rock, Gospel, Country, and Soul albums. He has also had the pleasure of working with Grammy Award winning/nominated artist such as Fatman Scoop King Louie, Killer Mike, Bolo, M-16, KnowleDj, and many more producers, artists and songwriters. His music expands across many genres therefore you can’t place his productions in a box.


He states “I am not defined by a music genre, so my music expands boundaries to take my music to the next level and beyond.




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